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Paintless Dent Removal Woking

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Thanks to some new tools and techniques, some body shops can now fix dents in your car without damaging the paint. Regular dent removal would damage the paint on metal. Paintless dent removal is cheaper than other ways of removing dents, yet still offers great results.

Paintless dent repair is a way to fix dents in metal. It is like giving metal a massage, not an aggressive way of fixing it.

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Traditional Dent Repair And Paintless Dent Removal Woking – The Differences

A panel beater will remove the panel from your car. They will use a mallet and former to make the metal go back into its original shape. This might chip or peel off some of the paint that is on the metal.

It will cost more to repair a car that has been in an accident because the panel needs to be stripped back and then repainted. But you can get the car looking good again if you have it repaired by someone who knows how.

Paintless dent repair is a difficult job. Experts need patience, experience, and the right tools. Dent removal does not require you to remove any panels or trim from the car.

The paintless dent removal technique can vary depending on where the car is being repaired. But the most important thing to remember is that you are pushing in metal back into place. You do this by pulling it back slowly, one section at a time. This is a slow process but can have excellent results if done right.

Because the work is done in situ, the work takes a day or less to complete. The paint is not damaged by hammering, and nearly all of the work is on the back of a panel. There is no need to wait for paint to dry after it has been done.

Paintless Dent Removal Woking – The Technique And Tools

You need paintless dent removal tools in order to fix the dent. You need a full set of tools so that you can fix any part on the car. The tools are flat and long so they can fit into small spaces, such as slots in doors. They are also very hard so they won’t bend when put under pressure.

The operator will use a long flat tool to get behind the panel and they will move it around. They will then press the metal back into place, and they do that slowly so it does not hurt the other side of the panel.

The repair will make the panel into its original shape, and it will look almost as good as when it was new. It will not need to be repainted afterwards because you would not have paint damage. This is not the case with many traditional methods.

For small dents and small damage to your car, paintless dent removal is a good idea. This is because it will cost less and take less time than getting a new paint job. But you need to get an expert who has a lot of experience and training that can give you the best results for these small dents.

The guys at Pro Dent Techs have been through extensive training to ensure they can carry out your repair professionally. This service can save you time, money and insurance costs because a PDR is often less cost than insurance excess.

Surprisingly few people know that there is a way to fix dents without paint. PDR repair has been around for quite a while now and yet most people are unaware of it.

Paintless dent removal is a great way to save time and money on small car repairs because it doesn’t affect the original paint finish.

The original factory paint coat is the BEST coat to preserve and protect your vehicle.

The main benefits of PDR:

  1. Keep your original factory paint coat
  2. All repairs take place at your location of convenience
  3. Saves you time and money
  4. Virtually no vehicle down time
  5. Protect the quote to repair that annoying dent today!

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Want a quick quote? Take the measurements of the dent and photos (or video) then send to our Whatsapp.

Click here to contact us on Whatsapp.


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